"Built Ford Tough" might be one of the car industry's most iconic marketing phrases. The slogan connects with consumers because it is true. Ford builds some tough cars and trucks. The mid-sized Ford Ranger ranks as a super-tough model, which is impressive. The toughness features allow this vehicle to handle scores of challenging jobs and environments.

The Ford Ranger is up to the task of handling brutal terrain and off-road excursions. Ford put the Ranger through a comprehensive road test to make sure it can deal with driving rough off-road routes. A powerful steel frame and frame-mounted steel bumpers help. So does a powerful engine.

10-speed automatic transmissions and a 270 horsepower engine come together to generate powerful, smooth operation. The engine supports a towing capacity of a massive 7,500 lbs.

A test drive opens a driver's eyes to what the Ford Ranger can do. Here at Crandall Ford, we encourage you to go on one.

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