The 2020 Ford Edge ST is carrying on with its strong traditions in the new year. This particular SUV has performance-based attributes, but it still hosts exceptional comfort features. Up to five people can sit in the vehicle's cabin, and there are various enjoyable features.

The 2020 Ford Edge ST comes from the factory with an amazing 2.7-liter engine. Of course, EcoBoost technology is built-in, which helps to provide on-demand power. This particular engine can deliver at least 335 horsepower as well as 380 pound-feet of torque. The Edge ST has eye-catching seats that yield silver stitching. We can't forget to mention that these are bolstered-bucket front seats, which helps to cradle the body. Ambient lighting can be found in the cabin, and there's 4G LTE Wi-Fi that's available. The Bang/Olufsen sound system will produce earth-rattling sound quality.

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