This is What You Should do if Your Ford Lease is About to End

With your Ford Lease agreement about to end, you might be wondering what your options are. It is important to start considering those a few months out so that you are not without transportation for even one day. Here are a couple of the choices you will be faced with.

When you signed your lease agreement, there was a residual price attached to the car. This is the price that you can actually buy the car for outright at the end of your lease. This is a way to keep the vehicle that you have grown to love so much. It will also mean that you do not pay for any extra miles you might have driven.

You can also turn the car back in and start a new lease. This is an appealing option if you want to retain that new car look and feel. Come by Crandall Ford and browse the lot to see the Ford models available today.

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